Security and Risk Mitigation

Going the extra mile to protect people, property and more.

Communications, Planning and Response

safety trainingRegroup’s security and risk mitigation services help organizations protect their people, property, and brands while reducing risk and preparing for the unexpected.

Our trusted and highly credentialed Security Advisors provide comprehensive risk assessments, tailored emergency management and active shooter plans, and customized training that also help you make the most of your Regroup Mass Notification account.

security assessment

Security Assessment

A Regroup Security Assessment helps your organization benchmark and implement best practices in physical, technical, procedural, and personnel security. These security measures must all work together in order to protect your people, property, and assets.

risk assessment

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment performed by one of our experienced Security Advisors is an important step to take to create an environment that safeguards your employees and business from the threats most likely to occur at your location based on history and probability.

business continuity

Workforce Training

We help create an educated workforce that contributes to a safe and secure workplace. Detailed training supports a holistic security strategy with a curriculum that educates your employees on topics such as workplace violence mitigation, emergency response, reporting incidents and threat assessment and investigation

workplace vioence

Workplace Violence

Through a comprehensive workplace violence mitigation program, our experienced Security Advisors employ a proven methodology that identifies potential threats and helps you prepare and respond accordingly to keep employees safe and supported.

emergency management

Emergency Management

We create an emergency management plan (EMP) that includes response and recovery protocols, communications during crises and identifying team members and their roles. This EMP ensures the utmost safety during events that threaten employees and assets.

workforce training

Business Continuity

Your resilience relies upon having a strong contingency plan in place in the event of an interruption. Regroup can help you identify the smartest approach, craft an overarching communications plan and quicken your responses to keep downtime at a minimum.

Regroup's Professional Security Team

Providing intelligent security and communication tools for enterprise, healthcare, higher education and more.

G Michael Verden
G Michael Verden
Senior Risk & Security Advisor

With an extensive career as a police officer, Secret Service agent, Director of Security for the NBA, and security consultant, G. Michael Verden understands how to apply security best practices to your unique setting to safeguard people, property, and assets.

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Joe Farley
Specialty Security Advisor

With over 30 years of experience in government and private sector security and investigation, Joe Farley’s specialties include law enforcement, counter terrorism, intelligence and training for all levels of security and threat management.

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