Emergency Notifications

When moments count, count on Regroup Mass Notification.

The serious communication solution, designed for professional results.

Regroup’s cloud-based emergency notification platform was designed to be the most robust and reliable in the industry. It provides you the tools you need to save lives, property and continuity of business and allows instant alerting to large groups of recipients when a crisis occurs.


  • Easy-to-use but comprehensive unified communications interface
  • Multiple fail-safe features to ensure alerts can always be launched
  • APIs to automate emergency notification
  • Tools for collecting on-the-scene intelligence to increase situational awareness
  • Unlimited all-hazards notification templates to help save time in a crisis

Emergency Notifications - Key Features


Critical Alerting on the Fly

Whether you’re in the office or in the field, you’ll have the ability to rapidly launch critical alerts and coordinate response efforts with your team. From computers, smartphones, tablets and landlines, you’ll always be able to sound the alarm.


Automated Critical Alerts

Accelerate transmission of critical alerts and reduce the margin for human error by automating your emergency notification process. Issue evacuation orders or instruct people to shelter-in-place, automatically, without any human intervention.


Unified Emergency Communications

When every second counts, you can rapidly transmit critical alerts to multiple communication channels simultaneously, including: digital signage, PA systems, websites and social media — all with a single click from our user-friendly interface.


TipSafe Anonymous Incident Reporting

Have the ability to encourage witnesses, bystanders and other members of the public to provide on-the-scene reports directly from their smartphones. Anonymous text messages are delivered in a variety of formats, across multiple devices.


Real-Time Incident Analytics

Real-time analytics alert you to delivery failures of critical alerts, allowing you to take another course of action to reach all recipients. Save valuable time and ensure recipients have the ability to take necessary steps to get out of harm’s way.


IVR Interactive Polling

Facilitate greater information sharing and increase situational intelligence through interactive polls that provide recipients with multiple ways to respond. Account for employee safety, solicit volunteers and determine availability of resources.

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