Regroup for Police & Fire

Regroup offers emergency and day to day solutions for police & fire departments.

Solutions for Police & Fire Departments

In the event of an emergency, alert your network and the public better than ever before with Regroup Mass Notification. Police and fire departments can improve their communications strategy, reduce costs, and easily reach thousands with our reliable, award-winning system.

Public security emergencies and fires can have a major impact on communities, including their schools, campuses, community centers, recreational areas, and businesses. Reroup’s easy-to-use mass notification system can help you get the word out fast via text/SMS, voice, social media, email, PA systems, digital signage, and more to keep your communities safe and informed at all times.

Regroup’s system also enables your organization to coordinate staff and officers in multiple operations using our single, unified communications platform for emergency situations, and even daily operations. Deploy resources where they’re needed most and use your team efficiently to offer the fastest and best response to your community’s needs.

The use of Regroup gives the SFFD the benefit of increased capability. By switching to Regroup, challenges experienced by lack of a comprehensive Emergency communications system are eliminated.
Erica ArteserosSan Francisco Fire Department
  • Speed up your communication. Unlike manual calling or texting emergency communication procedures, you can send important information to hundreds of thousands of recipients in seconds.
  • Cut costs on hardware purchases. Don’t spend money on costly public alerting speakers and other hardware that needs maintenance. Our cloud-based system and 24/7 support is all you need to run a smart communications strategy that reaches everyone on the devices they use every day.
  • Set up virtual perimeters to communicate. When location matters, you can notify people in specific areas with GeoFence messaging. Keep people from entering a danger zone, or inform staff of something before they leave a location by sending a GeoFence message to their devices.

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Free Mobile Apps

Our free AlertManager & AlertMe mobile apps make it easier for administrators and recipients to send and receive messages from wherever they are.


Automatic Message Translation

Overcome language barriers and reach your recipients in their native language with automatically translated notifications.


GeoFence Messaging

When location matters, notify citizens in specific areas about current dangers or relevant updates. Draw an area on a map or send based on recipients’ addresses.


Ease of Use & Setup

Our platform and mobile apps are designed to be easy to use in every way. We even include unlimited training & support for your admins!


Flexible Messaging, Unlimited Admins

We offer unlimited messaging options to meet your needs so you can always send your important messages. Every account also allows unlimited groups, admins, and templates.


24/7 Client Support

You’ll have a knowledgeable support team by your side to help with onboarding, training, and sending alerts anytime you need them – day or night.

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