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Mass Notification and Manufacturing

Learn how mass notification can improve manufacturing efficiencies, reduce costs and protect valuable assets with Regroup’s White Paper.


regroup mass notification manufacturing white paper

Powerful During Emergencies. Useful Every Day.

Regroup’s award-winning, cloud-based mass notification platform is secure and flexible, giving manufacturing companies an easy-to-use communication tool that can reduce costs, improve safety and increase productivity.

In addition to being a reliable and fast tool for managing emergencies, Regroup can be used every day by managers, staff and administrators. Our multi-channel platform makes it easy to communicate within manufacturing facilities, manage the front line production, staffing needs and more.

Critical Alerts

  • Respond to active shooters, bomb threats and other emergencies
  • Alert staff about evacuations from the facilities
  • Automatically distribute severe weather alerts
  • Mobilize teams to find at-risk workesr quickly
  • Send all-clear notifications to geo-targeted locations
  • Immediately alert IT staff about network disruptions
  • Broadcast viral, chemical, and other outbreaks

Everyday Use

  • Quick Conference for safety work environment
  • Connect with staff to cancel or fill shifts as needed
  • Keep remote workers – like managers or administratives – informed
  • Remind staff about training and certification compliance needs
  • Publish information about policy changes and mandatory meetings
  • Update shift staffers with important safety information
  • Announce shift openings and staffing needs

“We find Regroup useful when we need to reach everyone quickly. We monitor storms and other conditions and, if we have to make the decision to close or change procedures, we can reach everyone fast.”

René Neron – Plant Manager, Arkema Chemistry Axis

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