Does Your Company Know What To Do During an Active Shooting?

In Today's World, Shootings Happen Everywhere Including Work

Prepare for the unexpected by downloading our Active Shooter Preparedness Checklist.

Do you have an active shooter emergency action plan?

In virtually any organization, an active shooter situation can escalate to tragedy within moments. Preparedness is essential for protecting people and reducing injury. Regroup's Preparedness Checklist can help your organization plan for the best possible outcome.

“Regroup is really making a difference here, and helping us achieve our mission of keeping our employees and guests safe.”

Marco Perez, Security Manager, American Airlines Arena

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Our checklist is only two pages long and easy to implement.

Safeguard Your Employees and Your Business

Send No Matter What

Deliver safety alerts in any emergency, including power outages and cell service disruptions, with multiple fail-safe-features.

Save Time with Multichannel Notifications

Ensure the right people receive vital messages by broadcasting on multiple channels, including email, text, push notification, desktop alert, PA systems, and more.

Get Information Out Fast

Broadcast information quickly with QuickPost Templates that you can update and send in seconds.

Get Faster Responses

Get real-time status updates and check on the safety of your employees with instant two-way messaging.

Send Notifications From Anywhere

Send messages from anywhere with only two taps using our AlertManager mobile app, or use our simple desktop interface.

Notify People Entering and Exiting an Area

Keep people safe during emergencies by adding entry and exit messages that automatically send to anyone who is traveling into and out of selected areas.

Target the Right People

Send messages to specific locations or create specific groups, like different departments, building floors, or job sites.

Equip Your Entire Organization

Ensure all necessary personnel can send messages when needed. Regroup offers unlimited training and the ability to set up unlimited groups, admins, and templates.

“We find Regroup useful when we need to reach everyone quickly. We monitor storms and other conditions and, if we have to make the decision to close or change procedures, we can reach everyone fast with Regroup.”

Rene Neron, Plant Manager, Arkema AXIS

Protect What Matters Most

Send critical notifications, get faster responses and provide timely reminders quickly and easily with Regroup.

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