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Top 5 Reasons 
Why Users Switch
Emergency Notification Systems


In a recent client survey, we took the opportunity to delve into the motivating factors behind an organization’s decision to explore alternative emergency notification solutions. Administrators from K-12 schools, higher education institutions, state/local governments and businesses, were asked: “Why did your organization decide to switch emergency notification providers?”

Download the free report to gain valuable insight into the challenges many of your peers experienced with their previous emergency notification system. Challenges that in turn prompted their decision to seek out a more effective solution.

Emergency Notifications

Regroup offers a one-click multi-platform emergency notifications system that can send out messages via: email, text message/SMS, voice broadcast, website, RSS, pagers, mobile devices, and social media like Facebook and Twitter. Regroup integrates with ERP systems like Peoplesoft and Ellucian’s Colleague, Portal, Banner and Luminis products. Regroup was named DRI 2015 Notification System of the Year.

Group Platform

Regroup's group messaging platform is a simple, one-stop, cost-effective solution to next-generation intranet collaboration, including email lists, corporate and enterprise content management and email marketing, and social media management. Regroup creates a seamless, social information hub that can be used as an editable, searchable knowledge repository.

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